Where Can I Go To Take Graduation Pictures

Where And How To Take Graduation Photos

Graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments with family and friends. It is also a time to take some amazing photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Here are some tips on where and how to take graduation photos.

If you’re planning a graduation, you probably have some ideas about where you want to take your photos. These ideas include outdoor locations, on campus, and even with friends. Regardless of the location, there are some important things to consider. Below are some tips to help you plan the best shots.

Where And How To Take Graduation Photos

Early morning

If you’re planning to take graduation portraits, it’s best to start early in the morning. This will give you plenty of time to scout the location and find the best lighting for the shot. You don’t need specialized camera gear to take good graduation portraits. You can also take advantage of lower lighting conditions for a more natural look.

Graduation photos are an important part of your senior year. You should contact your photographer well in advance. Graduation portraits can be very formal, or they can be fun. Also, you should have ideas about how you want to pose or what footwear to wear.

Graduation photos should feature memorable campus landmarks, personal quotes, and a few unplanned shots. The latter is a great way to capture the atmosphere of the event. You can try taking them early in the morning or late at night when people are leaving. You can also experiment with lighting and focus on capturing a unique shot.


If you’re a photographer, you know that taking graduation photos is an important moment. However, there are several things you should keep in mind before shooting graduation photos. First, you must know when is the best time to shoot a photo. Ideally, you should take the pictures a few weeks before the graduation ceremony to ensure the best lighting and best photos possible. You should also practice using different lighting and filters in the camera. If you’re using an outdoor location, you must first make sure the light is right for the photo.

Many people choose to take their photos outdoors for the best results. Here are a few tips on where and how to take graduation photos outdoors:

Natural light is always best for photos, so try to find a spot that gets plenty of sunlight.
Avoid locations with too much background noise or activity, as this can ruin your photos.
Find a spot with a nice backdrop, like a garden or park. This will make your photos look more professional and polished.
Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothes and shoes – you’ll be standing in them for a while!
Relax and have fun – this is a special moment that you’ll want to remember forever!

On campus

Graduation is a momentous occasion, and there are a lot of reasons to capture the event with graduation photos. The gown can be an iconic symbol of accomplishment and can make for a great photo book cover, too. Using the colors of the college you attended to capture the occasion is also a good idea. It’s also important to include the graduation cap in your photos. Graduation events are much more than just group shots or presentation ceremonies, they’re meant to be shared with family and friends.

If possible, walk the campus before your shoot to get a better feel for the location. You can use a mapping app to drop virtual pins so you can review them while getting ready. You should also make sure to know where to meet your client and where to find a parking space. Also, make sure to research the graduation attire.

Another great place to take graduation photos is the campus’s Lyman Lough Fountain. Located near Brotman Hall, the fountain is a popular location for photos. Whether you want to capture the essence of your senior year or create an abstract composition, this place will make for the perfect graduation photo.

With friends

Graduation photos are an important part of a graduation ceremony. They should show the graduate receiving their diploma, their friends, and the graduation ceremony as a whole. The photographer should also include unplanned shots of the graduating class and the campus ambiance. This type of photo can be captured with creative lighting and focus.

While having the proper graduation photos is important, you can also use your graduation photos as a headshot for job applications or career opportunities. Try to avoid taking the photos in your graduation regalia, and use a neutral background to avoid making it appear unprofessional. Also, family group photos are a great way to remember this special occasion. You can also choose to purchase a glass print of these photos to display them as a meaningful decoration in your home. These prints can be found in both reflective and matte finishes, and you can choose the size that fits your space.

Graduation photos should be taken at an enticing location with plenty of space for the graduates to stand and pose. Using a wide-angle lens is a good idea to get a good view of the graduates. Many campuses feature large green spaces, which can make great backgrounds for graduation group photos.

With a statue

When taking graduation photos, don’t forget to include iconic campus landmarks, memorable personal quotes, and unplanned shots. These photos help capture the essence of the event. Unplanned shots can be best taken at the beginning of the event or toward the end when people are leaving. To create these images, use creative lighting and focusing techniques.

Graduation portraits should include the graduate’s dress and cap. A sunset can emphasize the end of the day and this monumental experience. A statue can also be an awesome backdrop for graduation photos. There are many high schools that have a monument in their graduation ceremony. These can serve as symbols of love, encouragement, or facts about graduation.

With a sash

Graduation day can be an exciting time, and many schools encourage you to get creative with your attire. You can even decorate your graduation cap if you wish, though you should get the school’s approval before doing so. Typically, a tassel is attached to the graduation cap and hangs on one side. Some schools provide these tassels for students, but you can also purchase a custom one.

Graduation sashes, also called graduation hoods, can make your photo pop! These are essentially hoods that graduate students wear on their gowns, but undergraduates do not wear them. Depending on your college and degree, you may need to purchase a different size or color than the other students.

Graduation stoles and sashes are incredibly versatile. Most are made of satin, though some are made of kente cloth or serape. You can choose which one you prefer or even buy a couple of them for a more coordinated look.

With props

Graduation photos can be fun and exciting. Using props can add a unique and memorable touch to photos. Confetti, for example, is a fun way to add some extra energy to the photos. It can also help to create natural expressions since it reflects light. Moreover, biodegradable confetti is ideal for the environment.

A bottle of champagne is also a classic choice for graduation pictures. It adds an iconic celebration feel to the photos and creates a nice texture. Similarly, beer can be a great option. These can serve as a great first post-college home. For additional flair, graduation pictures can be taken using numbered balloons that represent the year of graduation.

Besides the graduation gown, a graduation sash and cap are also traditional graduation photo props. Graduation sashes and caps can be decorated with confetti or other materials. These are classic graduation photo props that can make the subjects look like well-dressed, put-together graduates.

Conclusion on Where And How To Take Graduation Photos

In conclusion, to get the best graduation photos, it is important to plan ahead. Think about what kind of background and setting you want. If you are taking photos with friends, make sure everyone is on the same page about what they are wearing. And most importantly, have fun! These photos will be a reminder of this special time in your life.

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