What To Wear For Corporate Headshots

Your corporate headshot is one of the most important tools in your professional arsenal. It’s often the first impression you make on potential clients and employers, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some tips on what to wear and what to avoid for your corporate headshot to make sure you look your best.

Avoiding statement jewelry

If you are taking corporate headshots, you should avoid wearing statement jewelry. While statement jewelry can be very beautiful when it comes to what to wear for corporate headshots, it can also distract from your face in the pictures. You should avoid wearing prints and patterns unless they are the focus of the picture. While this isn’t an absolute rule, it’s a good rule of thumb.

Instead, wear solid colors and necklines that flatter your figure. This will make you look less serious and more approachable. Generally, people who work in the corporate world want to appear friendly, approachable, and responsible. To avoid the appearance of being overly serious, wear dresses with flattering necklines and shirts with button-down necklines.

If you are going to be wearing statement jewelry, make sure it isn’t too bright. Bright-colored jewelry can distract from the image of the professional, and the photographer wants to make that image as timeless as possible. Alternatively, you may want to consider wearing glasses during the shoot. In this case, try taking a portrait both with and without them. This way, you’ll be able to see what kind of impact it makes.

For corporate headshots, the best type of top is one that frames your neck and shoulders. You should avoid plunging necklines and cowl-neck tops because these will hide your shape and make you look less professional. If you’re in doubt, take a selfie or two to help you decide which top suits you best. Don’t forget to look good in these photos. You’ll want to impress the people who look at them.

Avoiding strong patterns

For corporate headshots, you should avoid wearing stripes and other strong patterns. These patterns can make the image appear distorted and require additional post-production. Strong stripes can also draw attention away from your face. Instead, opt for simple colors and neutral clothing. If possible, choose form-fitting clothing that makes you look slim.

Men should avoid wearing white shirts. White shirts reflect light and can pick up colors from the surrounding environment. Instead, opt for flesh-toned colors. This will help keep the focus on the face and arms. If you do choose a colored shirt, avoid graphic t-shirts or shirts with logos, as these tend to limit cropping options.

For corporate headshots, you should also avoid wearing trendy outfits and jewelry. Fashion trends change every year. Avoid bold stripes and patterns unless they compliment your corporate attire. Classic colors such as blue and navy work well in corporate headshots. Dark gray and jewel tones are also classic choices. If you prefer a different color, consider wearing different combinations.

Professional headshots are normally cropped close around the face and head. For this reason, revealing tops with lower necklines can appear provocative in close-cropped photographs. If possible, wear a button-up shirt with buttons that don’t connect below the crop. In contrast, women should opt for blouses with higher necklines. However, it is important to consider the gender of the audience and how they would react to provocative clothing.

Avoiding stripes

While stripes and tight grid patterns look great on everyday clothing, they can create an optical illusion in a headshot. Solid colors look more traditional and can be less distracting. They are also less likely to make an optical illusion. In addition, they are more timeless. To avoid such problems, wear simple and solid colors.

To get the best headshot possible, you must dress in clothes that do not distract you from your facial features. Bright, bold colors will draw the eye away from your face, while dull colors will blend into the background. It is also essential to avoid clothing with holes, stains, or faded colors, as these all suggest a lack of professionalism.

You should avoid stripes and patterns when choosing to clothe for a corporate headshot. Instead, stick to solid colors like gray and navy blue. These colors will always look professional and presentable years from now. You can also wear a simple white shirt with a tie. If you have difficulty picking a color for your corporate headshot, a solid gray or navy suit would be an excellent choice.

Another important point to remember when choosing a shirt is the background. Using a white shirt with a black background may result in a headshot that looks like it’s floating in space. Similarly, a striped white shirt could make you look as if your head is floating in space.

Avoiding cap sleeves

Cap sleeves are an absolute no-no for corporate headshots. These clothes don’t flatter arms and tend to wrinkle. You should also avoid wearing bold patterns or see-through fabrics, as these don’t photograph well. Additionally, don’t wear tight clothes, as they restrict movement and will quickly date the pictures. Instead, opt for seamless undergarments that will flatter your figure and minimize wrinkles.

Lastly, avoid overly flowing tops. These can add visual weight to a photo and make you appear more significant than you really are. When wearing a blazer, choose a style that fits around your shoulders but isn’t too tight or loose. A jacket with a buttoned cuff is also not a good choice.

You’ll want to avoid bright colors and knitted fabrics, as they show signs of wear after frequent washings. Instead, opt for items that you can dry clean. The most flattering headshots emphasize your face and enhance your natural features. Choose jewelry with simple designs and colors to avoid distracting colors, especially if you plan on wearing the portrait close to your face.

Neutral colors

Professional headshots should be taken in neutral colors that don’t overwhelm the frame. For the most professional look, try choosing a solid color such as white, cream, or navy. You can also opt for a neutral color slightly different from what you usually wear to work. These colors will make you look polished without sacrificing your personal style.

When it comes to color, remember that different colors evoke different reactions in people. For example, red symbolizes energy and passion, while blue is more relaxing and calm. Yellow is a warm color that represents friendliness, playfulness, and outgoingness. However, blue will be the most appropriate choice if you’re working in a field that relies on more neutral colors.

When choosing a color for corporate headshots, try to choose one that will compliment your complexion. Muted colors are flattering on almost everyone. Avoid bold colors or patterns, as these can cause distractions. Instead, wear neutral colors that match your complexion and make you feel comfortable. You can use colors to compliment your skin tone and bring out your eyes.

For women, white shirts can be a good choice. They can introduce pops of color and contrast without looking too dated. However, try to stay away from white or light colors. A neutral color, such as 18% gray, works well with all skin tones. If you’re unsure about the color you should wear, consult a professional headshot photographer to get the best results.

A good headshot should portray the personality and brand of your company. A good headshot communicates your brand traits quickly and accurately. A winning color scheme can help your brand stand out and attract more attention.


In conclusion, what you wear for your corporate headshot should be professional and carefully considered. Your clothing should reflect your brand and convey the message you want to send to your clients. Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable so that you can exude positive energy in your headshot.

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