What Goes Into Wedding Planning

What Goes Into Wedding Planning

When it comes to what goes into wedding planning, couples often wonder how long it will take to capture all of the photos they want on their big day. While there is no set answer, there are a few things that can help determine how long it will take to get all of the shots you desire. First, consider how many people will be at your wedding party. The larger the wedding party, the longer it will take to get photos with everyone.

Deciding on a theme

Deciding on a theme is an important step in what goes into wedding planning. It can set the overall style and mood for the wedding. A theme helps you create a unique wedding that reflects your relationship and union. The theme can be anything from a color scheme to table decor to dresses and attire. But remember that there are no hard and fast rules, and you can combine elements of several themes to create your own unique wedding.

The theme you choose can be something that represents your individual style, or it can be something that is based on something you like. If you love nature, then you might want to choose a theme based on that. You might even want to use a theme that relates to your home decor.

Some couples love art and are more creative than traditional ones. They might want a wedding that reflects the work of one of the artists. For example, they might want to turn their wedding photos into pointillism. Or they might choose to go for the Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (MDIA) style, which was popular in the late twentieth century.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, you can consider a rustic or country theme. This theme will incorporate vintage decor, natural colors, and wedding dresses. You can even include wood slices in your decorations.

Choosing a venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding is an important part of the wedding planning process. Not only should you choose the venue that fits your wedding budget, but you also have to take into consideration your wedding guests’ needs. In particular, you should consider where they will stay in town and what activities they can participate in. If you have out-of-town guests, you may need to organize shuttles.

You’ll want to start your search early, so you can pick a venue that’s available on the day of your wedding. Some venues book up to two years in advance. Make sure to check the venue’s availability and check for cancellations before you make a final decision.

Whether you choose a venue for your wedding outdoors or indoors, you should always ask about noise ordinances in your area. Some cities are strict on noise, and you’ll want to ensure your guests don’t violate the city noise ordinances. Additionally, you should ask about potential layouts, A/V capabilities, and coat checks.

In choosing a wedding venue, keep in mind that most venues offer similar services and amenities, while others have specific rules and restrictions. To help you choose the right venue, make a list of what you really need. For many couples, accommodation is a must, and many venues offer accommodations on-site.

Creating a guest list

Creating a guest list is an integral part of wedding planning. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, you’ll need to make sure you invite the right people. Before you start making your guest list, start with your closest family members and friends. This list should not include plus ones, children, or other people you may not want to invite.

Make a guest list that has at least two columns: one with the total number of guests invited, and the other with the number of guests attending each event. You can also create a separate column for children in case you plan to invite children. The information in this column will be very helpful if you want to provide separate meals and a separate place for kids.

The couple is ultimately responsible for creating the list, but parents may want to contribute. Make sure to consult with your parents to determine who should be invited, as each family’s dynamics are different. It’s always best to talk to your family members early on and rank each person in order of importance.

Creating a guest list in wedding planning can be stressful. There are many aspects to consider, from how many guests to invite. The list should be carefully organized so that it doesn’t create last-minute headaches. You can even use Google Sheets or Excel to record each guest’s details. You may even create columns with their street address, city, and zip code so that you can keep track of them in a convenient place.

Choosing a vendor

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing a vendor is the quality of service and product. Whether you want a unique wedding with an artistic theme, or something more simple and straightforward, you must ensure that the vendor is able to meet your expectations. Choosing a vendor should be easy and painless, and you should be able to communicate with them easily.

Choosing a vendor that matches your style, personality, and budget is crucial. Before choosing your wedding planner, take the time to read reviews and meet with a few of your top choices. In addition, you should consider looking through the winners of The Knot Best of Weddings, which honors top wedding vendors nationwide.

Before selecting a wedding vendor, it is best to decide on your needs and budget. To make the process easier, you can ask for a consultation from various vendors. If you are unsure, ask them to explain the procedure and the contract to ensure that you don’t miss any important details. It is also important to choose a vendor you feel comfortable with and who shares your priorities.

While choosing a wedding vendor may be difficult, it is important to remember that the right one can make or break your special day. A top-notch vendor will take the time to understand your vision and create a customized plan to make your wedding a reality. They will also be there to handle any problems you may have on the big day. To make sure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, you should hire top-notch vendors who fit your personality and budget.

Budgeting for a wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to set a budget. Once you have a general idea of how much money you want to spend on your wedding, you can start setting priorities. You might have to cut back on certain services or even save some money for your big day.

When you’re budgeting for a wedding, you’ll need to make sure you don’t forget about other important expenses in your life. Cutting back on your daily expenses can give you extra flexibility when it comes to other budgets. Cutting back on your life’s other expenses can make budgeting for your wedding a lot easier.

Once you have decided on a budget, you’ll need to divide your expenses into categories. These categories can be practical or frivolous. Consider how much you want to spend on the ceremony, reception, and photography, as well as your dress and tuxedo. You also need to account for any unforeseen expenses that might come up.

Another important consideration is the number of guests you’ll invite. The number of people you invite will determine many of the decisions you make, such as the size of the venue and the number of invitations. Make sure to take into account how many of your family and friends will be traveling, as this can have an effect on your budget.

Adding DIY touches to a wedding

DIY decorations can create a more personal touch to your wedding. For example, a DIY photo station can be a fun way to capture memories without the expense of a professional photo booth. Using a Polaroid camera and a blank photo album, guests can snap pictures of themselves and write a personal message to the couple. You can also use a wired wooden frame and colorful pens to make a collage of blessings for the couple.

Another DIY idea is to create a floral display. Instead of placing flowers in glass vases, make a jar and add colorful flowers to it. This decoration will double as a table display and will also add color to your reception space. You can add ribbons and flowers to the jars to make them look more personal.

Other DIY decorations include hanging glass vases with pebbles inside to create a modern centerpiece. You can also create a table numbering display by hanging a numbered decal on top. Hanging lanterns are fun ways to add DIY decorations to a wedding. And if you’re looking for unique wedding decorations, you can create geometric glass candleholders filled with pebbles, candles, and succulents.

DIY wedding decorations are a great way to save money and create something special for your wedding. DIY wedding decorations can fit in with any venue. A DIY wedding can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just make sure you start planning early.


In conclusion, wedding planning is a process that takes time, effort, and careful consideration. It is important to communicate with your partner and decide on what kind of wedding you both want. Once you have a vision for your wedding, you can start looking into venues, vendors, and other details. Wedding planning can be stressful, but it is also an exciting time to plan for one of the most important days of your life.

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